Top Influencer Marketing Agency in China

Custom KOL Solution

For every brand we develop a custom campaign to make sure that we have a solution that hits all of the client’s KPI’s & goals and matches resources.


01 brief

When we first receive the inquiry about influencer marketing in China, we will set up a call with the client to learn all details about the campaign, as well as understand client’s brand image and identity.

With this information we will be able to create a custom strategy and hand-pick KOLs who fit brand image the best.


02 creative

After campaign briefing we work on developing best campaign strategy that fits client’s KPIs, goals and resources.

We pick the best platform to launch content on, as well as best geographical locations, and develop campaign message.


03 proposal

We hand-pick KOLs for each campaign ensuring that they fit the brand image, have a natural fit with the product promoted, and will be able to resonate the message with their audience.

We engage both the KOLs who are already in our influencer roster, as well as search and reach out to fresh talent for each campaign.


04 formalization

Next we present the formal proposal with detailed campaign strategy, as well as profiles of selected KOLs. The client then can pick and confirm the candidates who will engage in the campaign.

During this stage we formalize the relationship with the influencers confirmed for the campaign with the Influencer Rate and Terms Agreement.


05 content

During this stage we manage the communication with the KOLs regarding campaign brief and content requirements.

Once KOLs have the final draft of the content, we present it for client’s approval before campaign launch.


06 campaign

Once the content has been approved by the client for the launch, we manage post scheduling with all involved influencers.

On the Campaign Live date we ensure that influencers posts content on the correct platforms with the correct message.


07 reporting

After campaign period ends, we analyze each post for standard performance indicators like impressions, likes, comments and shares. We also measure any specific KPIs that the client requires for the campaign.

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