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OtterBox Case Study

KOL Marketing Case Study - OtterBox June.jpg


OtterBox wanted to shift the brand image from purely a performance outdoor-type gear to a stylish lifestyle accessory that every fashionista can enjoy and incorporate into an outfit.


For the campaign, we have selected 7 KOL, a mix of female and male influencers, who could communicate the OtterBox brand image as a fashion statement piece to their audience. KOL have created original content in their personal style and incorporated an unboxing GIF into the post to make it more eye-catching.

Deliverables included Weibo posts including campaign hashtags, and WeChat articles written and formatted in each of KOL style.

KOL Marketing Ruoguan.jpg


- 11 posts across Weibo, Instagram, WeChat Moments and RED (Little Red Book)

- 4 articles on WeChat Official Accounts

- 13.2 Million post views on Weibo

- 1.82 Million views of the campaign hashtag topic

- 59 Thousand WeChat article reads

- 2 Thousand WeChat article shares


Real-U Case Study

KOL Marketing Case Study - RealU Mandy.jpg


Real-U is a popular indie skincare brand originated in Australia that became popular across Western markets. The brand wanted to penetrate Chinese market and launch their products, and communicate the benefits of the natural ingredients in their skincare line. The main challenge was that the brand was virtually unknown in China and needed to gain consumer’s trust.


We understood that it is challenging to gain exposure in a highly-competitive market like China, so we developed a multi-stage campaign involving multiple platforms and a range of KOL from micro- to celebrity-level influencer, with a combination of paid posts and product seeding.

For the first stage of the campaign, we have selected 7 micro-KOL, who reviewed Real-U products on their Weibo. In the second stage, we have involved 5 mid-range KOL, and in the final stage we engaged a celebrity-level influencer. KOL posted reviews of the products on Weibo, Weibo Stories, WeChat Moments, and RED.

KOL Marketing Case Study - RealU Maia.jpg


- 23 posts across Weibo, Weibo Stories, WeChat Moments and RED (Little Red Book)

- 18.9 Million post views on Weibo

- 1.92 Million views of the campaign hashtag topic

- Over 2 Thousand discussion threads under the campaign hashtags

- Constant flow of traffic to the e-commerce outlet with growing daily sales


Ocean Grounds Case Study

KOL Markering - Coffee Case Study.jpg


Ocean Grounds is a popular chain of coffee shops in Shanghai that serves unique artisinal drinks to its visitors. They have opened a pop-up location in the beautiful location of Moganshan mountains and wanted to promote it to young and hip audience in Shanghai.


For the campaign, we have selected one mid-range KOL who fit the brand image and could speak to the perfect audience. KOL traveled to the location in Moganshan and attended the specialty brunch created by a Michelin Star chef for Ocean Grounds.

Deliverables included a Weibo posts including photos of food and beverages, as well surroundings of the coffee pop-up, as well as an interactive GIF that could capture user’s attention in the app.

KOL Marketing in China - Coffee Shop Case Study.jpg


- 1 post on Weibo featuring photos from the location and fun caption

- 1.19 Million post views on Weibo

- Engaging comments asking KOL for details about her trip and expressing willingness to travel to Moganshan after seeing the post