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Offering UnionPay May Entice Chinese Travelers

November 12, 2017

When UnionPay arrived on the scene in 2002, merchants and consumers around the world likely had no idea how explosively it would grow. Moreover, some merchants in North America…

Uncorking a Wine Business in China

Wine is becoming a huge business in China. The boom is driven by numerous economic factors. While the market for wine in China is growing in leaps and bounds, it isn’t easy for western vintners and…

Search Engines in China

Search Engines in China

When it comes to search engine marketing in the west, companies are on familiar ground. They know that Google dominates the landscape, and they know precisely which approaches yield great…

Challenges of Advertising in China

Challenges of Advertising in China


Advertising in China is notoriously troublesome. With almost everything that reaches the consumer being censored, it can be difficult for a brand to make a genuine connection with its…

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