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iconKOL is a marketplace solution for travel and hospitality brands around the world to find, select, and hire Chinese bloggers, measure campaign ROI and facilitate bloggers’ trips and events.

(KOL stands for Key Opinion Leader, the way you call a blogger or an online influencer in China.)

Nielsen estimates that 92% of consumers trust recommendations from other people (even someone they don’t know) over branded content

Search Priced Listings

Blogger post listings offering their endorsements to the brands with prices on each listing. Extra transparency, extra time-saving.

Filter Your Search

Use different filters to narrow down your search to the platforms you want to engage, your budget, the topic, Blogger’s gender, etc.

Communicate Directly

Forget cold calling. Message Bloggers directly on the platform, and communicate directly.

Streamline Payments

Pay using PayPal or any major credit card provider.

See Reviews on Each Blogger

See reviews on each blogger for extra assurance in their reliability.

Keep Campaign Details Private

You don’t need to post your campaign details, so your competitors cannot spy on you.

Track Campaign Performance and Measure ROI

See engagement metrics, all in one place. Our dashboard shows campaign views, likes, shares, comments. (coming soon)

Customized Campaign Solutions

We are here to help you craft your campaign. Our team will work with you to define your campaign goals and deliver exceptional results. Service Fee apply.

Facilitate Trip and Event Logistics

We will help you to organize blogger trips to Livestream or photograph your events. You can choose to share travel costs with other hospitality operators in your location. Service Fee apply.

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