OtterBox Case Study

KOL Marketing Case Study - OtterBox June.jpg


OtterBox wanted to shift the brand image from purely a performance outdoor-type gear to a stylish lifestyle accessory that every fashionista can enjoy and incorporate into an outfit.


For the campaign, we have selected 7 KOL, a mix of female and male influencers, who could communicate the OtterBox brand image as a fashion statement piece to their audience. KOL have created original content in their personal style and incorporated an unboxing GIF into the post to make it more eye-catching.

Deliverables included Weibo posts including campaign hashtags, and WeChat articles written and formatted in each of KOL style.

KOL Marketing Ruoguan.jpg


- 11 posts across Weibo, Instagram, WeChat Moments and RED (Little Red Book)

- 4 articles on WeChat Official Accounts

- 13.2 Million post views on Weibo

- 1.82 Million views of the campaign hashtag topic

- 59 Thousand WeChat article reads

- 2 Thousand WeChat article shares