Ocean Grounds Case Study

KOL Markering - Coffee Case Study.jpg


Ocean Grounds is a popular chain of coffee shops in Shanghai that serves unique artisinal drinks to its visitors. They have opened a pop-up location in the beautiful location of Moganshan mountains and wanted to promote it to young and hip audience in Shanghai.


For the campaign, we have selected one mid-range KOL who fit the brand image and could speak to the perfect audience. KOL traveled to the location in Moganshan and attended the specialty brunch created by a Michelin Star chef for Ocean Grounds.

Deliverables included a Weibo posts including photos of food and beverages, as well surroundings of the coffee pop-up, as well as an interactive GIF that could capture user’s attention in the app.

KOL Marketing in China - Coffee Shop Case Study.jpg


- 1 post on Weibo featuring photos from the location and fun caption

- 1.19 Million post views on Weibo

- Engaging comments asking KOL for details about her trip and expressing willingness to travel to Moganshan after seeing the post