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Chinese Officials Get Tough on Live Streaming Content

Chinese Officials Get Tough on Live Streaming Content

November 4, 2016

Newspaper China Daily reported today about an announcement by Chinese officials that may change the way live streaming services operate within the country. New regulations released by the Cyberspace Administration of China will require stricter rule adherence by streaming services as well as make it mandatory for live streamers to obtain appropriate qualifications.

Live streaming is a huge business in China, with many ordinary citizens obtaining celebrity status thanks to their popular streams. However, the Cyberspace Administration of China, or CAC, says that many of these streaming platforms are disseminating forbidden content that includes fraud, pornography, violence and troubling rumors. Officials claim that this content is not in line with socialist values. Moreover, they say that this content may be damaging to the young people who are particularly avid fans.

An official from the CAC charges that streaming services that offer live news are doing so without being qualified. This means that information and updates cannot be broadcast in an orderly fashion. Providers of streaming services will now be required to ensure that they have sufficient staff to properly censor the news before it is released. Providers will also be tasked with immediately shutting down any live streams that are not in compliance with the stricter regulations.

Using a live stream to undermine national security or generally disturb the social order is banned, as is any content that is considered obscene. Users who violate these regulations are supposed to be blacklisted and prevented from using streaming services in the future.

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